The best exercises to lose weight and get a toned body

When Summer approaches, everybody starts thinking about how to get a “beach body”, but getting a beach body is not a matter of two weeks: losing weight is not so easy, and building muscle and a beautiful, toned body is actually really difficult. Cutting off on soda 2 weeks before July is not conductive to health and beauty, and one can’t jump into a 2 hours per day fitness regime right before Summer and end up looking ripped. However, there are indeed some exercises that are more efficient than others at building muscle and keeping you healthy, so you can create a beautiful body without too much effort:

The best exercise for both health and fitness is definitely skipping rope: an extrenous, high impact activity, it can burn 600 calories for a 30 minutes workout. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and can be learned really easily, so it is perfect for almost anyone (however, there is some restrictions. Since it is a high impact activity, overweight people and people with articulatory problems might want to ask their physician before starting to skip rope)

Another great option is running: easy to do, it can be as intense as you want depending on how much you run, the inclination and the area in which you run. It is also not too high impact, so it doesn’t damage the articulations greatly; and it targets muscles we usually don’t use anymore due to our sedentary lifestyles, so it is good for toning your body. Running can burn up to 500 calories every 30 minutes, depending on your speed and your weight.

Another option that’s great for fitness and building a beautiful body is weightlifting. Weightlifting is low impact so it can be practiced by almost anyone, and it’s not too intense so it doesn’t burn too many calories: roughly 100 calories for 30 minutes. Why do I recommend it then ? Weightlifting builds muscle and toned your body, which is conductive to long term weight loss, higher bone density and better health; and it also creates a sexy, muscular, toned body.

All in all, you actually need to start taking care of your body long before Summer to create a beautiful beach body, but you can find ways to”cut corners” to reach your goal faster, be healthier and more beautiful than ever without having to spend your entire life working on your fitness at the gym. Good luck getting that beach body !

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