Best tricks for health and beauty

Everybody would love to look as healthy and beautiful as possible, but it’s not always possible: our packed scheduled and lifestyles full of stress make it difficult to keep up with our fitness regime or to take care of our health as much as we would like to, which reflects in our beauty and leaves us not only sick but not looking our best. However, taking care of our health and beauty doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you keep in mind some simple tricks that will help you take care of yourself without effort.

For starters, one of the best tricks to stay healthy and look beautiful is to get 8 hours of quality sleep. Sleep is the stepping stone to long lasting health and not getting enough sleep causes a lot of problems like brain frog, increased stress levels or depression which can reflect in your beauty, too (stress causes acné, weight gain, among others). Your sleep needs to be of high quality, too: no screens before bed, no lights and keep the noise to a minimum (use a white noise machine if it’s needed). Good, restful, sufficient sleep is going to make a significant difference in your overall health and beauty in no time !

Another important step to take is improving your diet: eat better and keep hydrated when you can. Eat fruits and vegetables at leat once a day, and try to keep drink at least 8 glasses of non alcoholic drinks a day, preferably water. Our bodies need a lot of water and dietary fiber to function properly and flush out the toxins, so something as insignificant as this can have a great impact on our health and beauty. Whenever possible, try to keep a varied diet: different types of food have different types of vitamins that are needed for the optimal health of our bodies.

To finish, an often overlooked tip: it is crucial to always wear sunscreen. The harmful rays of the Sun are always powerful, even in winter; and can cause melanoma and wrinkles even in those with darker skin tones. Melanoma is a very serious issue that can cause cancer if undetected, and UV rays can affect the quality of our skin, making it get sun spots, wrinkles and even burns if we are not careful, so it is very important to always wear sunscreen.

To summarize, with such simple tips like sleeping enough, drinking and eating healthily, and wearing sunscreen, we can make a big difference in our health and our beauty. As long as we take little simple steps becoming the best versions of ourselves we can be doesn’t have to become an expensive and time consuming fight.

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